I intend to be a representative for everyone in the 24th Congressional District, not just those who happen to agree with me or identify with my party. That means I am willing to listen and engage in conversations, especially when we don’t agree.  The issues below are my conversation starters, not the final word. That word can only come from the people of the 24th. If you’d like to know more about a specific issue or would like to keep the conversation going, please contact me here.

Money in Politics

On This Issue, Voters are the Supreme Court
  • If you want money out of politics, stop decrying the corrupting influence of money in politics while at the same time enthusiastically perusing the FEC filings of candidates. Stop talking about the dangers of political cash on social media while at the same time discounting candidates who haven’t raised gobs of it as “clown car candidates” not worth your time. Stop tacitly falling in line with the mindset that ideas are only as good as the money spent on them, and that a person is only worth the number on his or her bank account.
  • If you want money out of politics, stop supporting and electing candidates who no longer have to worry about money in their daily lives. Stop preferring your candidates be lawyers and CEO's; find a carpenter or a small business owner or even, if you’d like, a teacher, who holds your ideals and has the guts to give running a chance. Find someone who gets up in the morning, works a full day, and then goes out to run for office in the hours they have left. Find that person and support them because it isn’t easy for them, it has meant sacrifice, and they are doing it anyway.

kitchen table economics

Middle Class Tax Cuts and Deductions
  • The American middle class deserves a tax break. Let’s put money back in working American’s pockets. When working Americans have more money, they spend it in their communities, creating jobs. A prosperous and robust middle class means a healthy American economy.
  • For many Americans, child care costs are like having a second mortgage, and student loan debt feels like quick sand. We have an obligation to help working American families. By increasing the tax deductions for child-care and student loans, we recognize the burden faced by American families and offer a deserved helping hand.


They're Children, Not Products
  • For too long we’ve been sold standardized testing and vouchers as “solutions” for public education, but these solutions are really just band-aids for bullet-holes. Education isn’t about test scores or treating students as a defective cog in a testing machine, it’s about opportunity. It’s time we acknowledge that there is as much value in a student who has a genius for machinery as there is for one who can write an academic essay.
  • With that in mind, we have an obligation to provide an opportunity for our children who have a skill or an interest beyond academia. We must invest in entrepreneurship, skilled labor, and innovation. By investing in a variety of educational programs designed to match the needs of our changing labor force, we offer our children the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families in the future.


Increasing Access for All Americans & Lowering Costs
  • 60,000.   In just the 24th District, that is the number of Americans who would lose healthcare coverage under the Republican House plan energetically supported by our current representative.  Most of us would agree that healthcare insurance premiums are too high and that the cost of coverage is hurting more American families than it heals. 
  • A single-payer system is now a part of the national conversation and one many Americans are interested in exploring. As your representative, I will advocate for this approach and work to improve healthcare accessibility and cost for all Americans.

Gun Violence

Frame the issue as Americans vs. Bloodshed, not Left vs. Right
  • We need to start by talking about common sense legislation tied to specific killers, specific crimes. Let us focus on legislation that outlaws the bump-stock modifications that made the Las Vegas shooting so deadly. Let us look at legislation that will close the gun-show loophole that allowed so many weapons to be collected in such a small amount of time.  Let us take a hard look at what needs to be changed in the mental health system, particularly among the young and young adults, and when the experts suggest a specific, let us tackle that legislation.
  • Finally, let us push for one thing immediately: legislation regulating the coverage the perpetrators and their crimes receive on television and in print.  Unless law enforcement sees a need, a perpetrator's name need never be mentioned, nor their actions replayed and revisited endlessly on news networks.

Comprehensive Reproductive Healthcare

The Right of American Women
  • I struggle with the issue of abortion just like every American does. While I do not morally support abortion, except for in certain cases such as rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is at risk, I understand that access to safe, comprehensive reproductive care is a right guaranteed to women by the Constitution, and I will always be on the side of women’s liberty in that fight.
  • Like most Americans, I am 100% in favor of reducing the number of abortions in this country, and that takes a three-tiered approach. First, we must make motherhood affordable. Second, we must reform our adoption system so it works better for families. Third, we must prevent unintended pregnancies, and that requires access to health care and education that allows women – and men – to make responsible decisions that result in better outcomes for society.

Social Security

It is Simple: Fund It
  • To ensure Social Security is around for the next generation, we must address funding now. One simple fix would be raising the salary cap on contributions. That way, we correct the problem on the front end by bringing in more revenue and avoid reliance on complicated formulas to determine how benefits are paid out. 
  • Another obvious fix is growing the American work force so that more workers are paying into the system. This means investing more heavily in the next generation of American entrepreneurs and workers.


If it is Broke, Fix It
  • Potholes, freeway expansion, bullet trains, bridges, airports, levees – they all need repair and renovation, which requires workers. Let’s fund it and let’s start putting Americans back to work doing the things that keep our cities and economy rolling. 
  • Americans are innovators. We’ve always been innovators and we are on the cusp on an energy revolution. North Texas can be a part of that revolution. As we seek new technologies to address changing energy demands, we have an opportunity to invest in research and training that could bring thousands of new jobs to the 24th all while protecting our environment.

Racism in America Today

Healing Through Unity
  • The first step in addressing any problem is admitting there is one. Racism exists. It lives in our schools, living rooms and office buildings. Every generation seems to take one more step toward unity, toward healing.
  • Conversations matter. Talking about the continued existence of racism is a conversation we must have in this country regardless of the difficulty. We heal through unity and unity requires sitting down and talking.

Marriage equality

Protecting Constitutional Rights
  • I support it.  I'll fight for it. It is a moral imperative. 
  • The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law and that means for everyone.


Protecting Family & Reforming the Law
  • Immigration into the United States of America can be a long, complicated, and tedious process. We must take a hard look at the immigration procedures in this country and create a more timely and less expensive pathway to citizenship.  
  • We must protect children brought to this country through no fault of their own. They are American, immersed in American culture, and they deserve a pathway to citizenship that makes sense. I will advocate for the passing of the DREAM Act today, tomorrow, and every day I’m in office.