"Privileged" to collude

Representative Kenny Marchant's last post on his campaign's Facebook page, from March 12th of this year, tells the whole story.  He is privileged to join Donald Trump Jr.  He is privileged to join the man who seemingly has difficulty telling the smallest truth so long as he can keep selling the larger lie.  So far, Mr. Marchant has not weighed in on the revelations re: the President's son, collusion with Russian officials, and a web of lies that apparently has no end.  A picture, it seems, is worth a thousand words.

Privileged, Period.

The Texas 24th Congressional District has been represented by Kenny Marchant (R) since 2005.  In over a dozen years in Washington, Mr. Marchant has come to embody "the Swamp": he is a denizen of a political class beholden to special interests and the supreme goal of their own re-election.  Almost two-thirds of his campaign funds in the last year came from PACs, from those who have an interest in keeping the Swamp just as it is.  Less than 1% of his funding in 2015-2016 came from small individual contributions, from the average voter, from teachers and firemen and small business owners. 

It Doesn't Have to Be Like This

 Todd Allen, Candidate for Congress for the Texas 24th District

Todd Allen, Candidate for Congress for the Texas 24th District

"My name is Todd Allen.  I am not a career politician. I am a teacher, and I am proud to be a teacher.  I am stepping forward to run for Congress because I firmly believe that it doesn't have to be like this, that Americans don't have to accept rude behavior, lies, and the leadership of a man I wouldn't want my daughter to date or my son to grow up to be like.  Republican or Democrat, I suspect many Americans would agree with that.  Things will never change until the People, red and blue, elect representatives willing to talk to one another, to have a Conversation, and to accept that it is the American citizens who need to be first served, not special interests." 

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