What is #NewBlue?

#NewBlue is about standing up for the middle class and reclaiming the American Dream for all of us. It's about enlisting the voices of everyday working Americans to fight for a better future. A future of national civility instead of national cynicism. Of political dialogue instead of political distrust. Of American Unity and Diversity.  Robert Kennedy once spoke of a "mindless menace" to American society, and he described it best when he said:



“…for when you teach a man to hate and to fear his brother, when you teach that he is a lesser man because of his color or his beliefs or the policies that he pursues, when you teach that those who differ from you threaten your freedom or your job or your home or your family, then you also learn to confront others not as fellow citizens but as enemies -- to be met not with cooperation but with conquest, to be subjugated and to be mastered.  We learn, at the last, to look at our brothers as alien, alien men with whom we share a city, but not a community, men bound to us in common dwelling, but not in a common effort. We learn to share only a common fear -- only a common desire to retreat from each other -- only a common impulse to meet disagreement with force.”

For the last few decades, I have watched the Democratic Party accept the labels served up for it: soft on crime, soft on defense, soft on terrorism, and hard on the wallets and bank accounts of the every-day, working American.  Democrats cowered and took those labels and doubled-down on them instead of hitting back and saying, Democrats were the log-cabin party during the Age of Jackson, they were the party reaching out a hand to help the farmers and small business owners during the Depression, they were the party standing up for what was right when Kennedy and LBJ looked out at the world and said, “We can be better.”  That is my party, and I think the time has come for that kind of Democrat. 

 Click to Support Todd Allen and the #NewBlue!

Click to Support Todd Allen and the #NewBlue!