Edward “Todd” Allen is a happily married father of two who has devoted his life to his family and his chosen profession of education.  Todd received his bachelor's of arts in political science from Trinity University and his masters in educational administration and policy study from the University of Texas at Arlington. He currently teaches Advanced Placement Government to the next generation. His wife Lauren is also an educator and is currently pursuing her doctorate in statistics.  Together, they decided to pursue election to the United States Congress as a representative of a new political ideal for both the 24th Texas Congressional District and the Democratic Party.   This political ideal is best summed up as a promise for a #NewBlue, a party redefining itself as one for a working American representing working Americans.

"Why are you running for Congress?"


This is the question that Todd gets asked the most, and the answer comes down to a letter.  This letter was written on a piece of Todd's teacher stationary, and was intended for an audience of one: the man he saw every morning in the mirror.  These few lines are the genesis of Todd Allen's maverick run at a seat in the United States Congress, and he'd like to share them with you here. These are the words of a ordinary working man in the Texas 24th District: a husband, a father, and a teacher who wants to make a difference.