A Teacher. A Husband. A Father. A Working American.

Where does Todd Allen's American story begin?  Maybe it started out in West Texas, where Todd was born into a family of educators and played small-town football under the Friday night lights.  Maybe it started in the influence from his father, a superintendent of schools and the Democratic mayor of a small West Texas oil town.  Maybe the story started at Trinity University, where Todd studied political science while playing football for a championship-caliber college team before graduating to become a coach in his own right.  

But Todd Allen's story is a story of an awakening, a political awakening, so we can say that it truly began in the summer of 2015, when Todd's second child was born. Looking for more time to spend with his wife Lauren and his growing family, Todd decided it was time to leave the coach's life.  His school asked him to teach government, and as he walked into that classroom day after day, something began to stir inside of him.  Something urging him to step forward to change the way things were going in this country.  Something whispering, "We Can Be Better. Do Something About It."

Finally, there came the 2016 election and the resulting flood of discourtesy and disaster.  From the flood came a decision: Todd Allen was going to run for Congress in the 24th Congressional District and return the People's house to the people. Todd was awake and there was no turning back.

"Why are you running for Congress?"

This is the question that Todd gets asked the most, and the answer comes down to a letter.  This letter was written on a piece of Todd's teacher stationery, and was intended for an audience of one: the man he saw every morning in the mirror.  These few lines are the genesis of Todd Allen's maverick run at a seat in the United States Congress, and he'd like to share them with you here. These are the words of a ordinary working man in the Texas 24th District: a husband, a father, and a teacher who wants to make a difference.